Papierschöpfen // FATUK meets A4F Kaiserslautern

Darstellung und Gestaltung
Larissa Baron
Melissa Günter
Katrin Ehrlich
Paula Kaminski
6. Mai und 2. – 5. September
wird bekannt gegeben
We will look at the technique of creating paper from waste paper from the workrooms. We will talk about the concept of recycling in the context of the circular economy and discuss sustainable recycling methods.
At the first meeting, methods of papermaking will be introduced and the course of the block seminar and the procurement of materials during the semester will be clarified. At the end of the seminar, the created paper will be bound into a sketchbook. In addition, a documentation of the personal creation process must be prepared as a submission.
Attention: Prerequisite for the electoral certificate is participation in the first meeting on 06 May, 14-15:00 and the 4-day block seminar from 02.– 05. Sepetmber 2024 during the lecture-free period. The maximum number of participants is limited to 12 people.
All communication takes place via OLAT (access code: PS24A4F) Enrolment is possible between April 22nd  and May 3rd
(Selection of participants at random)