Künstlerisches Arbeiten – Grundlagen

Wahrnehmen und Darstellen I
Künstlerisches Gestalten
Prof. Heike Kern und Team
23.04.2024, 13:45 Uhr
Gebäude 1, Raum 160
The annual course deals theoretically and practically with aesthetic content, processes and maxims that are directly and indirectly related to architectural thinking. The artistic tools, methods and strategies open up an increasingly complex field of connections between the perception and representation of space, because they can ignore the general validity of cultural codes of image communication and question the influence that these codes have on the actual visual perception of a situation.
The exercises focus on the continuous transfer between two- and three-dimensional thinking. They impart knowledge about the laws of form and material, demand mental and formal abstraction. Individual strengths can be found and expressed. The lectures discuss basic pictorial knowledge. They ask about the foundations of contemporary aesthetic judgement. Theory and practice are intertwined in responsible aesthetic behaviour.