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Fassade 4.0

Sondergebiete der Baukonstruktion
Baukonstruktion III und Entwerfen
Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Sebastian Lelle
29.04.22, 11:00 Uhr - online
Buildings define themselves by their facades, which have always been much more than mere building shells. The facade is an elementary component of the architectural discussion. It can have a separating or connecting character, be withdrawn or come to the fore in a signal-like manner. Façade 4.0 is a teaching concept for conveying basic knowledge of building design and an area of research potential in the field of digital transformation. Through the analysis of constructive key points of built buildings, the current state of the art is conveyed and the outlook on promising construction methods is sharpened. As a logical continuation, the results flow into the baukobox construction database, which serves students as a constantly growing digital compendium. Translated with (free version)
Why and according to which criteria should constructions be built ? Which tasks are currently not solved and what would be a constructively and architecturally adequate way to better meet the current requirements ? The focus of this elective is on the relationship between standards and their variation. On the basis of selected buildings, the façade and in particular the façade construction will be considered and analyzed. We will focus on the structural and physical design, on building components and their interface with other trades, the execution of fasteners and their standards. Translated with (free version)