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Darstellende Geometrie II

Wahrnehmen und Darstellen I
Darstellende Geometrie II
Darstellende Geometrie und Perspektive
Akad. Dir. Cornelie Leopold
19.04.21, 10:00
llustrative architectural representations by means of perspectives are the focus of this course as a compulsory module for architecture students as part 2 in the module Perceiving and Representing I and as an elective module for students of civil engineering.
At the beginning, parallel projection as a method for drawing normal axonometries where the direction of projection is perpendicular to the image plane is expanded and contrasted with central projection as a method for drawing perspectives in simulation of our vision.
Basic geometric concepts and drawing methods form the basis for the application of perspective to architectural representation.
In weekly lecture and tutorial, also with group supervision by the tutors online, the following topics will be developed:
Normal axonometry – introduction to central projection – role of architectural perspective – intersection and trace point vanishing point method – central projection of plane figures – collineation – choice of parameters of a perspective – dividing and measuring – perspective image of a circle – representations in perspective – light and shadow – shadows in natural and artificial lighting – shadow representation – reflection – photo reconstruction and montage. Architectural examples are used to translate the learned geometric principles and methods into construction and presentation drawings. At the end of the semester, the architectural project will be presented in a self-selected exterior and interior perspective. Registration via KIS no later than 16.04